Positive ways to celebrate Halloween

Choose to organize Halloween on a positive theme

without the fear, anxiety, and all the “negative” feelings which can be induced by Halloween. 

So it’s near Halloween, and I was wondering what to do with my daughter. Halloween in the beginning was a pagan festival, for the Celts it was a kind of New Year’s party. For them, it was the night where there were allowed to communicate with the spirit of the dead people. 

In France and nowadays, it’s a festive night for kids. The commercial drift of this festival pushes the apology of fear: which child will scare the other the most? which costume will be the most scary ? Also, I don’t like the idea of honoring wickedness and fear.

There are probably ways to combine fun and pedagogy without the fear, anxiety, and all the “negative” feelings which can be induced by Halloween. 

For sure, children will always love sweets and costumes.  So I think the main challenge is to give kids a fun but safe “spiritual” environment in all situations.

I choose to organize games on a positive theme, linked with Halloween. There is a lot of positive theme which can be find. I choose to deal with the Sharing value and the Open-Mindedness because Halloween is the occasion to share and discover things.

Concretly, I like the  game called “Montessori Tray”.Montessori Tray is an activity that allows the awakening of the senses in a playful way. The principle is to gather all the elements around a theme in a bin, in order to draw attention to its characteristics.

It stimulates the sense of discovery in children. Whatever the subject, the child will be able to touch, feel, play. It will increase his creativity. 

For Halloween, my special Montessori Tray is this one :

– make a cooking recipe: put in the bin a cooking book, like this one where you can learn to do Spider minipizzas, vampire blood popcorn, wizard broom, mummified vegetables : Here

– discover objects :for the little ones, it can be used to learn the difference between textures. Put it the bin balls, pebbles, autumn leaves etc.

learn to listen to stories :put in the bin a book on halloween tales. 

– understanding the seasons :Halloween takes place in autumn. This can be an opportunity to point out the seasons to the child, by taking a walk, a drawing on the seasons. Put in the bin a map for the walk, or colored pencils.

Of course, while the children are playing I recommend orange juice and seeds for adults … joke, red wine and appetizers !

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